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About Us


Udgoon means ‘nice smell’ in Somali and pronounced ud-gone. We decided to spell it with a Q instead of a G because we wanted to add a twist to it.

Udqoon main aim is to bring unforgettable scents to any environment.  The brand was established in 2017 and inspired by scents of East Africa. The finest oils and ingredients are used to create a vibrant and memorable scent.

The first collection was named 'Halima' after the founders mother.


Modern twist to Frankincense/Oud

African and Middle Eastern households often fragrance their home with a traditional incense burner.

We wanted to give a modern touch to this traditional method, so that it fits in a modern environment but still smells like a traditional household.

The video below illustrates how a traditional incense burner with Frankincense or Oud is used: