Udqoon was founded in 2017 and is inspired by world destinations, all our products are Made in Britain.

The finest oils and ingredients are used to create a vibrant and memorable scent.

Let us transport your home to an alluring, unique and exotic place.

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Regal Oud


Frankincense and Oud

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The room spray has a amazing scent thats soothing, not overpowering and the smell lingers for a long time. 

A Mohammed

I have never been a fan of traditional Somali uunsi  due to my asthma. Udqoon gives me the authentic uunsi smell without the smoke, in a much lighter modern twist.

Muna Hassan

I have the diffuser in my medium sized living room and its just right, guest can smell it as soon as they walk in. You do need to turn the sticks around now and then to initiate the smell and it keeps going for months.

Mariam Ali